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Manufacturing Center

Manufacturing System 

Our manufacturing process is fully vertically integrated. From key raw materials, Die castings, Drivers, Controls, Luminaires and Lamps assembly. This capability has created a fast-response manufacturing system enabling us to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, our manufacturing has automatic intelligent production lines that can easily produce large quantities with high efficiency. Production lines are equipped with automatic intelligent robots and online monitoring. The product quality rate is over 99%. 
The system is easily convertible for small batches and multiple variations of the product. Our company's ERP and MES systems run through the entire manufacturing process, with constant automatic monitoring, collection and analysis of production data.  This ensures high efficiency and high quality of the production and manufacturing of our products. 


Zopoise Technology Manufacturing System


Automatic SMT production line from Japan.


Manufacturing Center

Fully Automated Intelligent Production


Robotic intelligent operation, online monitoring.
Fully automated production of aging room and water bubble room.
Real-time cycle monitoring of product testing including temperature, safety, vibration/shock, accelerated aging and IP waterproof/dust test.
ERP and MES systems run through the entire production process.
Automatic date collection and analysis of the whole product manufacturing cycle.



Manufacturing Center
Manufacturing Center
Manufacturing Center

Lean Production



Small quantity unit production capabilities, the change-over is extremely flexible and fast.
Workers are proficient in a variety of tasks and production lines. 
Experienced in the production of small batch and multiple variations of products.
Quickly respond to market changes and customer requirements.


Die Casting


3 central furnaces and 28 die casting machines from 280 tons to 1600 tons.
50 CNC machines, and 5 automatic powder painting lines.
The production capacity of casting, process and surface treatment with an annual output of 100,000 tons. 
Plans to invest in the Tooling manufacturing workshop to further expand our capabilities.


Manufacturing Center

Sensor Manufacturing


Imported SMT equipment.
 Al automatic plug-in machine, automatic assembly line, automatic aging room, automatic test system.
ERP, MES, PLM system management is implemented maximize production of reliable and cost-effective drivers and sensors.


Manufacturing Center

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